basic three day yoga course



In today's fast-paced world, the mind tends to get stuck either in the past or in the future - but what makes us happy and balanced is being here and now.

When our mind is not in the present moment, he regrets about things that happened in the past or is worried about what tomorrow will bring. The only time we can be happy and calm is now, this moment.

We cannot change the past, and the future is something that is yet to come and we cannot live in it either.

Sure, we should make plans, but we should not worry.

With the help of asanas, pranaymas and meditation, we learn to restore the mind to the present moment and find happiness and peace in ourselves in the present moment.


  Yoga is not just an exercise, it teaches us how to communicate

skillfully and how to act wisely in any day to day situation.



Throughout this three-day program, held for three consecutive days for three hours per day, you will discover how to access the present moment and tap into your inner strength and freedom - not just as a concept, but as a direct experience. It is a source of lasting happiness.

The most beautiful thing is that when you come home you will be able to apply all learned tehniques, tools and knowledge in your daily life. It will help you to let go of unnecessery emotions, thoughts and tensions that we carry for nothing.

And also, make some new friends and enjoy company of the like minded individuals in the peaceful, carring and happy atmosphere.

Wellcome! :)



ASANAS  - physical positions

  • We learn practical asanas, physical positions that bring us back to the center, make our body more flexible and powerful

  • They affect the depth of our inner world, on the one hand physically, and on the other, the mental realm

  • The primary purpose of asana is to open tense areas of the body and correct its wrong structures, especially in the spine. All this must be aligned with proper breathing.

PRANAYAMAS - breathing techniques


  • By conscious, deep and steady breathing, we influence our own mind, which becomes calm with the help of breath

  • Yogic breathing suppresses the fluctuations of the mind that we are exposed to in our daily lives

  • With each breath, we not only bring oxygen into our bodies, but also - the prana, the vital life energy that drives us

  • With each breath we supply the body with oxygen and the deeper the breath, the greater the oxygenation of our tissues and organs, and with each exhalation we release various toxins and emotions from our body.

  • The efficacy of pranayama is not measured by the increase in respiratory capacity, but by the sense of calm and clarity that result from this practice.


  • Meditation is a spiritual exercise in which the meditator turns his attention inward.

  • Through meditation, we release our minds from thoughts and our body of accumulated emotions, and its goal is to feel fresh, pure and light like a beautiful flower.

  • In today's world, man receives many different stimuli from the outside on a daily basis, rarely spend enough time in the nature... With the help of meditation we open the door to another dimension, where the stimuli form the outside disappear - we meet with ourselves and find unparalleled peace in the silence of our heart.

AYURVEDA - diet and lifestyle

  • Ayurveda is a complete system of health, both preventative and curative, dating back to India thousands and thousands of years ago as part of ancient Vedic knowledge.

  • It is the science of life, a way of living with the rhythm of nature.

  • We will learn about the Ayurvedic lifestyle, diet, 5 elements, body types and many more details that will help us in our daily lives and body balance that affects our mind and spirit.

  • You can find out more details about Ayurveda itself by clicking on the link.



  • The course program also includes learning about the chakras -energy centers of the body, how each chakra affects our psycho-physical state. 

  • Chakras are centers of energy and consciousness in the human body, and are referred to as vortices of energy and centers of power.

  • Chakras are not material, anatomically provable centers, but vortices of the energy of the human aura.

  • The teachings of chakras have been transmitted through the tradition of yoga, but the chakra itself can be learned independently of one's culture or the time in which one lives.

  • Chakras affect organ function, blood flow, hormone activity, but also emotions and thoughts. They transform the cosmic life energy (prana, chi, ..) which is constantly flowing through the human body.


After completing the yoga course, the knowledge and experience gained can be applied in our daily lives to maintain our inner "hygiene" and the much-needed emotional and mental balance.

By practicing the learned knowledge we will feel:​​​

  • Reduced stress level

  • Greater sense of happiness and enthusiasm

  • Increased sense of belonging

  • Inner peace and freedom

  • Increased energy level

  • Strengthened immunity

  • Feeling of lightness and vitality

  • Feeling of an empty mind




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