Updated: May 9, 2020

Have you ever wonder that, in silence?

"Who is your life partner ? Mom? Dad? Wife? Husband? Son? Daughter? Friends? Not at all ! Your real life partner is your body . Once your body stop responding no one is with you. You and your body stay together right from birth till the death. The more you care for body the more body care for you. Be fit for forever. Take care for your self.

Money comes and goes. Relative and friends are not permanent. Remember no one can help your body other than you. Pranayama :- For lungs Meditation :- For mind Yoga -Asana :- For body Walking :- For heart Good food :- For intestine Good thoughts :- For soul Good karma :- For world"

S.S.Ravi Shankar

Life is so complex, yet it is so easy when you learn how to manage your own mind.

It maybe seems that others are making us happy or not happy but it is actually your own mind.

There are people who have a lot of money, name and fame, and still they are not at peace.

They are constantly in some kind of run of proving them self.

To whom are you proving to?

In couple of years, decades, we will be all under the ground, and you will perish like millions and million before you.

Wanting to prove yourself to anyone makes you restless, make you shaky.

It is all for your ego, for your own image of you.

If I do not do this like this or this , this person will think this or that.

What is that that you are doing?

Your goal is actually to make someone think something about you.

And when someone thinks the way you want it, it makes you happy.

Isn't this funny?

This does not mean that you should not be have nice and have a pleasant personality, everything in this life is balancing, but putting your own happiness in to the arms of an another's approvals is such a bondage.

Do things with your 100 % , and then let it go. Do not wait for feedback.

If it comes great, if it did not came - great.

The moment of you doing it is already gone anyway.

The mind tends to live either in past of future.

Have you noticed it?

Either we keep coming back in to the nice experience we have, thinking :

Oh, how good was it, then you remember the feeling of it, the by remembering it, that same feeling gets in you body.

Have you noticed it?

The same chills, or butterflies goes in your stomach, and then you realise: it is all my mind.

It is all how I perceive reality. It is my choice how will I feel.

If we think : that was good, mind gives us pleasant signals and we start feeling nice, and happy.

And other way around.

If we have negative thoughts like: Oh, I did not do this right, or why did this person said this or that, something in us shrinks, and our face goes down, or we get angry.

It is not like you should not show anger when someone is doing something wrong, but show it, and move on. Do not get stuck on it.

The message of what is right or what is wrong needs to be send. You can not be goody goody all the time.

If the situation acquires to show anger, you need to do it, because the things are not the truth, but do it, and get over it.

Make a switch in your mind.

On - off.

Only we can do it, nobody else.

A lot of things that we tend to do in our life it is because of the ego.

Ego wants things that are difficult, far away, not that are not right here, right now.

And it is never satisfied.

When one things is done, it goes for more.

More applauses, more recognitions, more praises.

Ego is like a beggar.

Beg others approval that it is strong, the best, the prettiest, everything with superlative.

We should not do things to pump our ego, we should be doing things because if we have some knowledge, we can help to uplift somebody, help them know the things that you know, so that their life becomes easier.

Have you ever thought - if you know something, and you are really good at it, but there is nobody to hear it, or to see it, does it really worth anything?

So we should actually feel grateful that someone is willing to hear us or look at what we need to offer.

If there is no receiver, giver doesn't have its purpose!

Be humble, be nice, but be smart.

And learn how to catch your mind when it's making a dance of its own, and stop it.

That is a big task and great achievement!

Be happy and be in the present moment, only you can do it for yourself.

A lot of time when we read some knowledge we think - ok - not I know it - but actually it takes time to absorb it, contemplate about it and make it a part of our nature.

With love,