Have you ever tought about when are you truly happy?

The first and main rule for human being to be truly happy is to be contented.

Contented with yourself and having peace inside that is not bounded with anybody

or anyone outside.

If we condition our happiness with partner, money, or any type of possessions that

we have – that is wrong kind of happiness. It is bondage.

If the object of your happiness moves, your peace of mind and happiness is disturbed.

The ego is the one who build itself, its security and false power on possessions of any kind, be it relationships that he builds or possessions that he has and most people just won't admit it to themselves or others because it gives them feeling of security.

Ego is stiff and proud, Self or the soul is relaxed and natural.

Soul is ever contented with itself just by being, and ego is always serching for more, for recognition, attention and company.

It does not mean that you are not friendly person, or polite or kind by being contented with yourself. Or that you are lazy and egoistic,

It just means you do not hanker for external factors to make you happy and contented.

When you enjoy being with yourself, when you discover that all happiness and creativity rises from within you and not somewhere outside, you become truly free and happy.

You become creative, joyful, detached, loving and caring for no reason.