Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It is ok to recognise beauty and admire it, but the very moment when you start wanting it, wanting to posses it in any way, you become restless. It is like brain is sending you a signal ; if you do not have it, you are incomplete. If you have it, you will be more happy. We are already complete, beautiful and happy. Do not make yourself begger of any kind.

Take care of your body, be clean, take good care of yourself But do not give it prime time. Give your soul and your consciousness prime time, because they are eternal. Actually if you look at all big Gurus, they have all renunciate worldly things. They dress very simple, sleep and live in very simple enviroment. All that they do, they do for the others. All that they build, they build for the others so they can have a place where they can go deep in to them selfs and discover this truth. Because they know that everything is perishable, and that holding on to anything causes you pain and suffering. It bonds you. Because on whatever you are holding on to you have put your happiness on that something or that someone. In that way you have bonded your happiness. And if that change, your peace and happiness also changes. And then you are like a puppet, dancing the game of the world, that you have actually choosen to be bond with. Giving up everything is actually not a loss at all. It is gaining freedom and peace to say; I am happy, right here and right now, come what may,

I am still happy because I am not bonded to any outer things and circumstances. Such a freedom lies in your own mind I tell you. In nobody and nothing else.

With love,