Through ancient knowledge of Vedas and tehniques that yoga brings, each individual can find a way toward peaceful mind, happy soul and healthy body.

Let's go on this journey together.





Born on February 18, 1987 in Makarska, she has always been a creative, joyful and lively child.

From her early days, she loved to research and ask questions about the higher meaning of life, and to discern why something happens the way it happens.

Throughout life, she has been interested to know about everything that is mystical, secret, and hidden in the deeper layers of human subconscious.

She was interested how an individual can consciously reach the core of life, get rid of the barriers that prevent him from consciousness rising that ultimately gives him peace and freedom.


In 2012, was her fist "touch" with yoga - meditation and breathing techniques realizing its unparaleld benefits.

She continues her studies of yoga and self-development by attending more courses and going deeper in to knowledge through different yoga programs in Germany, India and Croatia.

She studies Vedic knowledge, Ayurveda, Yjotish astrology and completes the Vastu shastra course.

After the first contact with yoga and the Vedic knowledge, she wanted to become a yoga teacher to spread this special and unique knowledge to others.

"I have always asked myself how to help people to be happy?

Yoga gives us directons through knowledge and practice to

find happiness and peace in ourselves.

It teaches us how to wisely lead life in this world

and how to become independent and free. "

Meditation, breathing techniques and knowledge are tools with which we can dive deep into ourselves, calm our minds and nourish our souls.

The Vedic knowledge shows us the direction we need to go in order to live a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. How to properly handle daily challenges and how to channel accumulated stress and emotions.

Petra graduated secondary school of Economics in Makarska, Private Faculty of Business Economics and Business Communication Management in Zagreb. After college, she started her own jewelry and apparel manufacturing business, and in March 2019. she completed 200 RYT in Sri Sri school of yoga, Art of living, Bangalore, India, with international certificate under Ministry of AYUSH, Goverment of India and Yoga Allience.